Rework - a splendid book for online entrepreneurs

I don't agree with DHH a lot when it comes to the Rails Way, big monoliths and Service-based architecture. 

Fair enough, though, he is the one, who is an author of Ruby on Rails - not me.

He earns millions of dollars per year with his 12 people team - not me, and he created and released dozens of successful products which I only can appreciate.

The truth is however, I don't necessarily need to agree with every single successful person, no matter who they are. And this is one such case.

But he does deliver amazing products and the book: Rework is definitely one of them.

Why Rework is an attractive position to read

DHH invested an incredible amount of Time and Money into the rails Way and this is the main reason I think that he is not objective when it comes to structuring web applications.

However, I need to admit that he's doing pretty well and there need to be the horrendous amount of things that matter in creating successful Internet company far more important than the Application architecture you choose.

Things being known by heart by DHH and his team of Basecamp at the same time for me being abstractions.

I really wanted to get a brief look at how they build their products, what they think and how they make them so cool. How they connect people, attract them and make interested with what they're doing.

Therefore I reached for the book Rework, and the only thing I can say is that it was one of the best decisions I made recently.

What I think about Rework

Rework is amazing. A short, condensed Collection of thoughts about making business online nowadays. It's written using simple, conversational language, split into 1-2 page essays So you can read it without any effort.

The most important, however, is the fact, that all the time you feel the author doesn't care.

They don't care what you'll think about it and if you agree or not.

They don't care about selling a lot of copies to earn even more money.

They just tell you what they think about business, what life taught them. What you'll do with it? It's up to you, they don't care...

And it's the Best thing ever.

If you don't live from writing, you have no pressure to adjust to customers expectation when writing a book. You don't need to collect people's likes but you can be just honest with your point of view for covered topics.


Reading Rework ensured me I'm on the right Way with creating my own Internet Company. It opened my eyes for a lot of mistakes in my thinking but at the same time it cemented my standings on those topics I feel right.

This is an amazing book that can be read in one day but can give you valuable knowledge about a wide range of business-related topics for the rest of your life. For me, it's a must-to-have position in my home's library and its definitely something I recommend for anyone wanting to grow on the Internet.

If you wish to read it, here is my a link to Amazon web store and if you've already seen it, let me know your impressions in the comments below!